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Imagine a digital pedalboard that gives you total freedom to:

Add or remove effects at any time

Arrange effects the way you like

And also save each of these arrangements to share them with your friends

Imagine your sound

What is it?

MOD is a digital pedalboard as you've never seen before.

It gives total freedom to create your sound with the use of many different effects and the possibility to connect multiple instruments at the same time.

Besides that, MOD is also a community of musicians who want to share their experiences. In our social network, you will be able to find pedalboards created and shared by other users, thus improving your musical experience.

MOD’s philosophy

We believe in a completely free artistic creation.

Unsatisfied with the current array of effect processing musical equipment, that doesn’t take full advantage of the digital era, we have created MOD. MOD was imagined and developed in accordance to the following principles:

  • MOD can always be used for any purpose, with any musical instrument
  • Every model will support the same effects
  • You will allways be able to install new plugins, whether or not they are provided by MOD Cloud
  • It is free software! It means that, even if you don’t own a MOD pedalboard, you can still use the software in your personal computer.

How does MOD work?


It is the first MOD model to come out. MOD QUADRA has two independent audio inputs and two independent audio outputs, and also a MIDI input. Both the outputs and the inputs are universal, allowing MOD QUADRA to be connected to almost any musical instrument or audio device.

Add that to the flexibility of the effects connection system, and you will see that MOD QUADRA can be used in many different ways.

  • 4 rotating knobs with LCD screens
  • 4 footswitches with color LEDs
Audio Connections
  • 2 independent inputs
    • Combo connectors XLR + P10 (TRS)
    • P10 input level selector | line / instrument
    • Gain control | - 20 to + 24 dBu
  • 2 independent outputs
    • P10 connectors (TRS)
    • Gain control | max 10 dBu (bal) / + 1.8 dBV (unbal)

  • Headphone output with an independent volume control
  • 24 bits / 48 kHz AD/DA
  • Neutrik connectors
  • True Bypass
I/O Connections
  • MIDI IN connector – DIN 5 pin – for musical instruments and MIDI controllers
  • MOD Chain – connection for additional controllers, such as expression pedals. More than one peripheral can be added to this connection.
  • USB connection for Bluetooth Dongle 2.1
Power Supply
  • Built-in power supply 100~240V
  • Intel Atom N2800 1.8GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB Storage

There are many ways to use your MOD QUADRA:


MOD processes LV2 effects, which is an open format similar to VST and AudioUnits.

A strong community of LV2 plugin developers and users already exists, but up to now still limited to their desktops and notebooks. With MOD, you can take all these plugins to the stage!

MOD team selects carefully the best LV2 plugins and makes them available online, via MOD Cloud.

Every MOD comes with a plugin collection that allows you to play with it as soon as you get it out of the box. Besides those, you can access many other effects on MOD Cloud, and download them to your MOD.


Countless peripherals can be created for MOD!

Have you ever thought about controlling any effect just by shaking you guitar arm around with an accelerometer?

With MOD, you could do that.

You’re able to connect as many peripherals as you want to your MOD. It means that you can use a great number of controllers at the same time.

To begin with, we have launched the famous expression pedal, which is a very basic tool, but we already have many others controllers to come. Possibilities are countless. Check out a few examples:

  • Expression Pedal
  • Extra Footswitches
  • Accelerometer
  • X and Y Controller
  • Theremin
  • Luminosity Sensor
  • Your idea here…

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